Skaters Music Box

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 A 50s Christmas is a Skaters Box Depicting a Christmas Scene from the 1950s. Lighted Telephone Pole, Store Front and Car, will Bring You Back to Another Time! Everything in this box comes together to bring you a highly detailed scene. The Building is Detailed “Inside and Out” with Outside Christmas Lights, and a “Moving” Toy Train Inside. You have to See it to Believe it! Separate Motorized movement for Skaters. The scenes differ slightly to make them unique. Supplied with mechanical movement playing "Skater's Waltz"

Size 10” x 10” x 8” $260.00 + shipping and handling
Music Box supplied with Amplified Mp3 speakers for playing music
through the music box $295.00 +shipping and handling
1950 detailed
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A 50s Christmas Music Box

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skaters 50s christmas