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Lo Cascio Originals Produces Unique
"Music and Motion" Music Boxes

Lo Cascio Originals has been producing Hand Made Animated Music Boxes for over 23 years. We are committed to providing a high quality product, built to last many years. We have designed custom music boxes that became part of our standard line, like the Skaters Music Box and Tallship Music Box. With the selection of mechanical movements dwindling, we can provide a built in mp3 player amplified speakers or you can plug in your IPad or mp3 player and play your favorite music through the music box!
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We can also design custom museum style lighted cases for you to display your valuable belongings. Whether it be dollhouse furniture or that precious Doll or figurine or "room of memories" complete with your favorite family pictures and furniture "all" in miniature! Please contact us to discuss your needs!
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